Fashion Image Makers: Masterclass and Live Collaboration

The digital revolution has provided everyone with an opportunity to become a designer, photographer or stylist. The internet and social media has helped the fashion industry to grow, especially with the ability to share information through images within instant moments. Therefore images are important for people in fashion industry, because images can help them to engage with their audience. 

As a part of this year’s Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) programme, British Council, together with Jakarta Fashion Week held Fashion Image Makers; a series of activities focusing on fashion image making and a live collaboration project between IFF designers and three fashion practitioners from UK.

The three practitioners were: 
1. Rebekah Roy (Fashion Stylist)
Rebekah is one of London's top fashion stylists, the Fashion Director of Disorder Magazine and UK Fashion Editor of Untitled Magazine. She styles for a variety of clients including Harvey Nichols, Kate Nash, The Feeling, and catwalk shows during London Fashion Week.

2. Darren Black (Fashion Photographer)
Darren is a top fashion photographer with clients like Harvey Nichols & 9London. Darren's photos have been featured in numerous international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Dazed and Confused, GQ Kazakhstan, Papercut, The Independant, Sunday Times Style, and many more. 

Sarah May (Set Designer and Art Director) 
Sarah is a set designer with an extensive client list which includes editorial, commercial and moving images such as British Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Japanese Vogue, Details, Camper, Paul Smith, Nike, French Connection and American Apparel.

On June 6, Fashion Image Makers Masterclass for general public was held at Femina Building. This event was a chance to learn more about how to create the unique and memorable images for fashion products. That afternoon, workshop participants – fashion designers, fashion practitioners, filmmakers, photographers, journalists, and general public met the speakers and discussed about their presentations on how to create a powerful fashion images.

Following the Image Makers Masterclass, IFF designers and speakers gathered for the first day of the live collaboration project. Rebekah Roy, Darren Black and Sarah May split into three groups with three designers and their production teams. 

The first team consisted of Sapto Djojokartiko (Designer), Hakim Satriyo (Photographer), Narya Abhimata (Videographer), and Sarah May (Set Designer/Art Director). 

Second team consisted of Billy Tjong (Designer), Darren Black (Photographer), and Rima Mariana (Videographer). 

Finally, the last team consisted of Norma Moi (Designer), Rizky Jusuf (Videographer), Adiel Aziz (Producer), and Rebekah Roy (Fashion Stylist).

From June 7 - 9, each team went through brainstorming ideas, creating storyboards, and location scouting. On the following day they worked in groups for production of the fashion films and photography, and as they gathered footages they continued to revise and edit them for a rough draft. These drafts were presented to the other teams, and each participant then provided peer reviews to the work and feedback from the overall project. 

The final version of the films and photography will be exhibited at Jakarta Fashion Week from 1 – 7 November 2014 at Senayan City.