Photo credit: Chrisuarna

Photo credit: Chrisuarna

Narya enjoys experimenting with things that are familiar, things that are foreign, preferring subjects that are imperfect, raw, a little ugly and unpolished - feeding his insatiable appetite for strange and unconventional beauty. Narya's ingenuity are mostly taken from the fragments of his own dreams, pieces of history as well as the sensibility of his Indonesian heritage. With his keen eye and vast imagination, he translates his ideas into engaging, often surreal imagery. To sum up his work in three words : bold, gritty and whimsical.

Narya obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication from Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney, Australia and completed his postgraduate studies at the prestigious London College of Fashion where he earned a Master of Arts Degree in Fashion Photography. Having tasted the ultra-competitiveness and the vibrancy of Europe’s creative industry for years, he is now based in Indonesia, bringing over the edge and flair. He still continues to work worldwide.


Telephone: +62 81 115 1551

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